How to change the color of elements in Canva?

If element is inserted through Canva then it is easy to change the color.

  1. Add an element to your Canva page.1
  2. On the left of the words “Edit Image” on the toolbar located at the top of the page will be a box filled with a color. Click on the box.2
  3. Next you can either search for a color at the top, you can choose a color already provided for you, or you can click on the plus sign surrounded by a rainbow underneath the document colors heading and create the color of your desire.3








When you load an element through Canva but the option to change the color does not appear on the toolbox then the element does not have the function to change colors. When you upload your element to Canva and use it, you can only apply the colors of that element to your design but not change the color of the element itself.

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